Our Mission

"We have big dreams for little feet." - Kristen Waite.

To get Ocean to America for SDR so she has a chance to walk independently, and to prevent her losing her mobility over time and to prevent deformities developing in her joints and bone due to the spasticity caused by her Cerebral Palsy.

Ocean has been selected as a candidate for the surgery, so it's up to us as a community to give Ocean the quality of life she deserves - and to get her up & dancing on her own two feet!  

To do this - we need your help (and everyone else's!) to raise NZD$150,000 by July 2018.  Read more about our fundraising goals here.

© Chasing Light 2018. www.chasinglight.co.nz

© Chasing Light 2018. www.chasinglight.co.nz