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Come walk with Ocean - help us raise $150,000 by July  2018 for Ocean's life changing surgery. Read more...



Meet Ocean...

Ocean is an energetic and caring three-year old girl... When Ocean was 18 months old she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia, a form of CP that causes stiffness & spasticity in the muscles in her legs which makes walking (and other things) difficult, and often painful.

Ocean has just turned 3, and despite how smart & fiercely determined she is, she is not yet able to stand or walk independently because of the Cerebral Palsy. 

Ocean has recently been approved as a candidate for surgery at the St. Louis Children's hospital in the United States for surgery which will allow her to walk independently and receive the spasticity in her legs. All we need to do - is get her there.  Find out more...

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Help Ocean raise $150,000 by July 2018 for life-changing surgery allowing her to walk independently. 


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"It takes a community to raise a child" - Proverb.

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